Frequently asked Questions

A personal live consultation is desirable so that our masters take into account the characteristics of your hair and successfully select donor strands according to your own hair structure. If you do not have the opportunity to come for a personal consultation, we ask you to send photos from certain angles in daylight.
Can. You can come with your own hair, or our masters will select for you the hair that is available in the salon.
Can be from 5cm!
Buy from us, so it will be reliable, high quality, beautiful and affordable! We have natural hair of popular lengths and colors, of the best quality, directly from the manufacturer, always in stock.

Hair is cut off from girls (whose hair grows very well) by suppliers, processed and washed in a special way, dried, trimmed, combed out, the ends are pulled up, disinfected and then come to us, the Masters!

It depends how many grams and what length you need to increase. Please send pictures of your hair.

Today, the most beautiful, high-quality, professional, safe, reliable and durable is hot capsule (microcapsule) hair extensions (Italian extension technology).

Our studio is called AVextension.CO.UK, the certified master expert Ariadna Savitsky with 6 years of experience is our leader and master!

We have more than 6000 successfully completed works, so we have a fairly extensive portfolio on instagram and the number of real positive reviews (more than 150 pieces) .

Yes, of course, we are very well represented in social networks, in addition to the site we have an official page in instagram, there are pages in facebook.

If you get extensions from a professional and use natural high-quality hair, compositions, materials, do not miss the correction time, then it will be absolutely safe for you, with our extensions, for example, girls grow hair that they didn’t want to grow without extensions for many years!

We have the highest speed of work in the city, we work in four hands. But, it all depends on the amount of work, on average, preparing the hair for extension takes 1-2 hours, plus the work itself 1-2 hours, if necessary, additional services are added, respectively, the additional time. works, removal, laying, keratinization, coloring, etc.

In addition to the main extension service, we professionally do hair removal, detangling hair, correcting other people's mistakes, extension correction, encapsulation, styling, adaptive haircut, keratin hair straightening, modern hair coloring using any technology, weaving afrokos and dreadlocks! We can do any hair extension job!

You pay only for the volume of hair you need and extension work, all other additional services, such as washing, drying, cutting, hair styling, hair encapsulation, prof. advice on competent hair care you get as a gift! We are honest and pleasant prices for you, what price the Master gave you, this is what you will pay in the end, no additional costs for you!

The most important thing is to use a special shampoo without sodium lauryl sulfate and its derivatives and specials. comb for hair extensions. We will tell you in detail about the proper care during the extension procedure itself, we will give you a booklet from our studio, where everything is told in detail about the care and our contacts are located so that you do not lose us in the future!

Yes, of course, you can, but be careful, without extreme! Just try to put your hair up with buns, tails, horns, under a scarf, etc. do not dive under water, from a height and do not ride the slides in the water park. If you get chlorinated or alkaline water (in the pool or in the sea), just rinse it off with running fresh water and dry it before going to bed.

The size of the capsules is exactly two times smaller than the size of standard capsules. A microcapsule is a standard extension capsule, but divided into two. The size of the capsule is on average, slightly larger than a grain of rice, the capsule is generally similar to a grain of rice in shape, the same pot-bellied in the middle and slightly thinner towards the ends.

As a rule, on average you need 200-300 strands. These are small capsules. It depends on how many grams there are and which capsules need to be added.

One strand has approximately 0.5 grams and approximately 200 strands.

Capsulation is an important process in preparing hair for extensions. The quality of the capsule determines how long and firmly it will stay on the hair.

And the point is not only in the quality of the polymer material, but also in the technique of creating (and of course attaching) this very capsule.

Micro capsules are of medium size, one capsule is 0.5 grams. Nano capsules are the same keratin capsules, the difference is the size which is a little smaller, a single capsule contains 0.2-0.3 grams.

Usually in our studio we apply mixed extensions. The small types of extensions are applied at the top and these are nano capsules, and we apply the microcapsules at the bottom, so we can guarantee that the extensions will not be visible.

Shelf life for micro capsules 3 months, for nano capsules 2 months. At this time, the hair is corrected, but again everything is individual and depends on how fast the hair will grow.

With the type of micro capsules and nano capsules we can guarantee that your hair will be able to grow, we have examples of our clients who in a few years have returned to the length and volume of their desired hair.

If you heard somewhere that the capsules harm your hair, then I want to tell you that neither micro nor nano, they do not harm your hair BUT only if you respect all the rules of behavior (come to the correction in time, don't go to bed with a wet head) and of course if your master applies the capsules correctly to the hair.

In no case! Your native hair will not get worse after the extension and the hair will certainly not begin to fall out, because. we strictly follow the technique and rules of extension, which guarantees comfort for you and your hair throughout the entire period of wearing donor strands. Poor-quality extensions, untimely correction and improper care can cause irreparable harm to your hair.

Yes, we can offer you not only straight donor strands, but also with a wavy structure.

This is not true at all. For proper care of hair extensions, it is not necessary to use expensive professional cosmetics. It is enough to choose the right care products and follow simple rules. After the extension procedure, the hair can be curled, dyed, straightened.

According to the Italian technology of hot capsular hair extensions, where high-quality keratin is used to attach donor strands, the hair after the extension procedure, with proper care, keeps quite firmly and for a long time, for several months.

Yes, with hair extensions, you even need to use masks, balms, oils, and conditioners for ease of combing, you need to feed them the same way as your own, just try not to get oil on the capsules!

Keratin hair straightening and other hair treatment procedures will be performed 2 weeks before you apply the hair extensions. If today you straighten your hair with keratin and tomorrow you go to apply extensions, the capsules will slip off very easily. While wearing the extensions, it is forbidden to straighten the hair with keratin, cold or hot botox.

Hair dyeing is also allowed while wearing the extensions, but our recommendation is to dye the hair before the hair extension procedure. That way we will be able to offer you a 100% guarantee that the capsules will be fixed for a long period of time.

Yes, you can, only without fanaticism, we understand the desire of girls to change, straighten and curl, just run the iron not from the roots so as not to hurt the capsules, but with an indent, also with tongs and remember that irons, curling irons and paints are the main enemies our hair, try to use them as little as possible.

We recommend doing a correction of the extension every three months, you can come early, after 2 months, for example, but you should not walk around with the extension.

With our hair, you can do anything, wear various tails, including ponytails and high ones, braids, buns, headbands, scarves, curl and straighten, whatever you want! And most importantly, the extension will be completely invisible!

Our most reliable Guarantee is the positive feedback from people, the number of our regular customers, which is constantly growing, and our love for this profession and for hair! But, all the same, yes, we are the only ones in the city who give an absolute 100% quality guarantee for all our services and materials!

No, it will be completely invisible, even your closest people may not be aware that you have hair extensions, unless you accidentally run your hand through your hair and feel for the capsules. We had cases that girls wore hair and no one knew about it until they themselves talked about it!

Sure !

Most importantly, you get the best extensions and hair in the UK at a bargain price! We have everything for your convenience, a cozy professional home studio in the very center of the city, free Wi-Fi and parking, treat you to coffee, tea, water, juice, fruits, and sweets, you can smoke on the balcony or go to the toilet, there is a TV with your favorite channels, you can charge your smartphone or laptop, you can bring food with you and heat it up in the microwave (if you have to work for a long time), purchase a prof. hair care products, get competent advice on care, as well as a charge of joy, energy, beauty, cheerfulness, and positivity!

Yes, of course we also go to the clients' homes. Usually these are the VIP Customers

No, in no case should you grow artificial (synthetic, silicone) hair, this is fraught with the fact that immediately after washing you will get a washcloth, not hair and will look like an old doll. It will also be impossible to comb them. If you are offered to grow non-natural hair, run away from there, this is the worst thing that can be offered. We work only with high-quality 100% natural hair cuts!

Hair extensions make your hairstyle longer and more voluminous, hide the traces of unsuccessful experiments with hair, with hair extensions you can quickly and easily grow your own, that's a fact. Hair extension also gives you a spectacular and attractive image, slims your figure and looks very rejuvenated, you will fall in love again and believe in yourself, as well as your loved ones!

With hair extensions you have the possibility to grow your own hair. naturally, it is one of the most important settlements.

And during the entire period of wearing the extensions, you will feel much more attractive, self-confident, feminine, sexual, fantastic.